What Ankur Warikoo of nearbuy has to say about leveraging media while building a startup

What Ankur Warikoo of nearbuy has to say about leveraging media while building a startup

‘Startups’ are a hot topic for media across the globe. With startups making headlines almost every day, it is important that they deal with media in an effective way. We spoke to Ankur Warikoo, Founder, nearbuy, an Indian e-commerce company about how the company leverages internal and external media. In a candid conversation with Diksha Dutta, Contributing Editor, WunderNova, he shared nearbuy’s storytelling approach, the mistakes done while talking to media and learnings in the process. Here are three highlights from the talk, and you can click the video below to watch the full interview.

 Be honest with the media

“Everything starts by being honest and that means being honest to your failures and fallacies,” says Warikoo. Ankur believes that although being honest with the media is a lot of handwork and does not have immediate results, it is an approach that works in the long-run. “You should be the first one to admit that we screwed up, we absolutely screwed up,” he advices. Startups do make mistakes and it is advisable to talk about your learnings openly.

Recognise who you are talking to through media

“The most important question that we answered for ourselves is who do we want to speak to when we think of PR,” he states. It is important for you to establish who you are speaking to. “For us, we wanted to talk to potential employees. We wanted to create a brand that is attractive to work at,” he informs. Ankur took the onus on himself to create that persona among people who are not necessarily your customers, but could be influencing your customers. He blogs regularly and answers questions on public platforms with all honesty which he believes attracts the right talent to nearbuy.

Acknowledge the work of journalists

“How many times do you read a book and do not know the name of the author?,” probes Ankur. So why would you not remember the name of a journalist who works hard on a good article? “If you ever read a great article, please take the effort of writing in to the author and simply for no hidden agenda of yours. Just tell them that I loved reading this piece,” he says.


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