CeBIT partners with WunderNova platform for startup showcase SCALE 11

CeBIT partners with WunderNova platform for startup showcase SCALE 11

What is one of the biggest challenges when you attend a global conference or an exhibition fair as the founder of a startup? It certainly is networking effectively and meeting the right people who can share knowledge with you.

How do you plan your schedule during a conference which has 450 startups, 3500 journalists and 200,000 participants? As an entrepreneur, you will be spoilt for choices if that conference is a place where you will find dozens of good ideas and it attracts company founders from across the globe who are there to highlight their digital-age products, concepts and solutions to an audience of investors, business experts and political figures — this is what SCALE11, the startup showcase at CeBIT will offer you this year. More details here.

The SCALE11 program combines exhibition with conference, networking, event and entertainment. The SCOPE, a SCALE11 marketplace, is the first point of contact, where startups meet decision-makers from established industries, investors, mentors and other like-minded people.

If you have decided to pack your bags and attend SCALE 11, there is a lot you can do to benefit from it. Here is how you can network online using the WunderNova platform:

Know other participants before hand

Mostly, as a participant in a conference you would only have information on the speakers at a panel or you would know about the co-participants within your existing network who are attending the event. This time when you register for SCALE11 at CEBIT, you can know in advance about other participants. An internal networking club for all registered members and visitors of the conference is provided through WunderNova where participants can view each others profiles. Attendees will be able to upload their profile and introduce themselves and send messages to others through this platform. This will help participants to get to know others before attending the conference and prepare accordingly.

Fix meetings, be prepared and save time

Once you know who are the other entrepreneurs, executives and investors from across the globe attending the event, reach out to people and fix meetings that could be beneficial to both the sides. The networking platform/club breaks the global barriers and ensures that startups from different countries can interact with each other seamlessly before the event. Remember, the first message in a professional network should be drafted after a lot of thought. Introduce yourself and try to articulate why you think a meeting between the two of you might be helpful to both parties.

Interact on the networking platform during the conference

Finding new people who have similar interests is an important part of attending a conference. For instance, if you attend a discussion on Artificial Intelligence at the conference and develop interest in the topic, you could spread a message through the networking club that you are looking for people in the conference who would be interested in having a chat about Artificial Intelligence. This will help in connecting to the appropriate people during the conference with an agenda.

Further, the SCALE11 organizers will upload events on the platform. You can sign-up for them and see who else is attending the same event. In that case, you can get in touch with the attendees and might find it easier to have a conversation partner when attending the event and start the event with a meaningful conversation.

Follow ups after the conference

It can be difficult to come back with a stack of business cards after a conference and then try to connect to each one of the people you have met later. By using the networking platform for CeBIT, participants will be able to get in touch with each other after the conference and extend their relationship by interacting on the platform. Entrepreneurs from different backgrounds will join together and inspire each other at the conference. Don’t forget to follow up with any new person that you meet at the event!

Moritz is one of the founders of WunderNova. He is a serial entrepreneur and a book author with a wide expertise in online marketing and PR. Having started several businesses on his own, helping other startups along with WunderNova seemed to be the next logical step. Moritz is based in Berlin, Germany, and India.

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