Nick Booker from Indogenius, a man whose energy and enthusiasm is very contagious as you can experience yourself in the first few seconds you meet him in the clip.

As an “Indian with British origins” as he sees himself, Nick moved to Delhi in the mid of 2000 after having worked in London. Since then he has been very active as an entrepreneur and started Indogenius in 2010. Indogenius is a virtual university based on the three pillars: education, research and consultancy.

In the educational part, Indogenius has brought more than 900 students from the UK, US, Germany and other places to India and taught them about India with Indians. When it comes to research Indogenius works closely with the European Commission on increasing the scientific collaboration between Europe and India. Indogenius consultancy part includes the support of organizations and navigating them through the complexity in India.

We felt very energetic after we left Nick’s office and wish him all the best. Thank you for the nice interview. If you want to find out more about Nick and his company Indogenius, watch the 4 min clip here:

Moritz is one of the founders of WunderNova. He is a serial entrepreneur and a book author with a wide expertise in online marketing and PR. Having started several businesses on his own, helping other startups along with WunderNova seemed to be the next logical step. Moritz is based in Berlin, Germany, and India.

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