WunderNova meets Foradian

WunderNova meets Foradian

Foradian is a Bangalore based company that solves a very important problem within the educational landscape in India. It empowers school teachers and institution administrators to spend less time on administrative matters, and instead allows them to focus on the most important thing, which is to educate our children.
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To give you some more background; the company was founded in April 2009 by a group of eight childhood friends; out of which six are still with the company. We felt that even after seven years of ups and downs in a startup environment, their ability to stick together and show commitment to each other & their friendship, is only a sign of positivity, great leadership skills and a lot of entrepreneurial spirit.

Since 2009 Foradian has won a lot of awards, gained a team of 40+ people and celebrated some major successes. One worth highlighting is the Project Sampoorna. In August 2010, Foradian’s school management system known as Fedena, was implemented by the Education Department of the State Government of Kerala, to automate the systems and processes of 15,000 schools with over 7 million students. We believe that this is a very impressive feat and if you want to read more about that project, you will find a detailed case study here.

Moritz is one of the founders of WunderNova. He is a serial entrepreneur and a book author with a wide expertise in online marketing and PR. Having started several businesses on his own, helping other startups along with WunderNova seemed to be the next logical step. Moritz is based in Berlin, Germany, and India.

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